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a+u 20:04 (e)
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a: architecture
e: editorial
g: graphic design
p: photo
w: writing

Documentation of work by GRACE HONG1.

1 Designer based in SINGAPORE who is currently having fun (i.e. full-time employment).

a+u 20:04

This issue examines the application of computational design and digital fabrication across a spectrum of scales – from a free-form high-rise exoskeleton, to bio-mimetic wearables for the body, to the printed structure of a nonstandard brick – taking its conceptual cues from Charles and Ray Eames’ 1977 film, Powers of Ten. Selected here are 14 projects by individuals and entities working in cross-disciplinary ways, that suggest what “thinking digitally” can do with the means of our present time.

the shed

Through the lens of the Shed, a temporary performing arts venue for the Cottesloe Theatre at the National Theatre (NT) on London’s South Bank, this essay will discuss the temporality of architecture through the following: subtlety (or the lack thereof), the idea of permanence in architecture and the collective of individual narratives.

a state of play

Intense experimentation with Formica laminates by lasercutting patterns across the grain on the underside of the laminate sheet to create undulating surfaces that are used as surface for a reception table, a display table, a screen, a coffee table and blinds. 

poster party

Inconsistency is the running theme here ︎
Experimental stuff only ︎
Always updating ︎