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a state in play:

singaplural 2018


Formica is a pioneer in laminates, and have constantly sought to redefine the limits of the usage of laminates. Laminates is a long-standing material of choice for coverings, with an extensive range of finishes designed to mimic any type of commercially available material when applied to a substrate.

Here, PRODUCE wanted to approach laminates as a material itself, rather than what it has established itself to be.

We looked at its innate qualities, inherent strengths and weakness, and even the production process to discover potentially new application methods for the revolutionary material. My role was experimenting with breaking the structure of laminate (by lasercutting across the grain on the underside of the laminate sheet) to create beautiful undulating surfaces that are used for various purposes within the pavilion. Together, with my colleagues, we had built one reception table, one display table, two blinds, one screen and one coffee table.