Dunia (December 2023)

The December 2023 issue of Dunia delves into the theme of global citizenship, showcasing student initiatives fostering cross-cultural understanding. Articles highlight service projects addressing environmental sustainability and social justice, while also featuring alumni reflections on the impact of their UWC experience. The issue celebrates the school's commitment to nurturing compassionate leaders and fostering a sense of interconnectedness in an increasingly complex world.


Client: UWCSEA
Editors: Sarah Begum, Sinéad Collins, Hazel Ong, Tara Diong, Shaiful Rashid, and Lucie Snape 
Photography: Janrius Rogers, Joseph Tan, Jules Wainwright and members of the UWCSEA community
Design: Nandita Gupta and Grace Hong
Software: Indesign and Photoshop
Materials:  Magazine and social media
Year: 2024